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Meditation and Me: My Journey for Mental Wellbeing

Meditation is known for creating space in the mind to help with stress but, what most people don’t know is that it has many other major health benefits. In an article by the Mayo Clinic, meditation has been known to manage symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Sleep problems
  • Tension headache

With so many health benefits, why don’t people do it more? Meditation is a time of reflection within yourself and there are many ways to do it. It is a time to love yourself and create gratitude for the life you have created for yourself and the journey that you are on. Many people don’t know how to love themselves because of standards set by our culture and families that don’t truly match our true inner beliefs.

I personally struggle with loving myself. I have Persistent Depressive Disorder, where my depression is almost consistent. It is a sister to Major Depressive Disorder and has many of the same aspects. My trauma therapist told me to do some research on meditation and see if it fit me since I really didn’t want to take anti-depressant medications. I had watched how one brand changed my mother so much that she had major mood swings in front of my little brother and I, almost to the point that she was bipolar. That wasn’t something I wanted to go through myself. I had no idea how to get started or what would work for me. I tried different apps and different podcasts. Then I came upon an article that reviewed different meditation podcasts. Sip and Om was one of them. Mary Meckley, a certified meditation teacher, releases a theme for the week as well as daily meditations that are half guided and half uninstructed. She also sends you and email, upon your subscription, a Slow Down Guide and Journal. The guide has the different meditation techniques that she introduces to you every day including an affirmation, a breathing technique, a mudra, a chakra, and an herbal tea to try (hence the “sip” in Sip and Om). The journal is for daily reflection what you notice during the day after your meditation.

Slow Down Guide and Journal
The Slow Down Journal and Guide

During my first week, I got out side more and experienced meditation a little bit differently than I had before. Here are a few photos of where I did some of my meditations!

I have had an amazing experience. Especially in these last four weeks. I have been sleeping better, I have had less bouts with my depression, I have managed my stress levels a little bit better, and I have even had less fights with my boyfriend. I am relearning to love who I am and have adventures, one of which was my trip to the Seattle Art Museum. I have also been able to set healthy boundaries for myself to keep stress down. I encourage you to try meditation if you have depression or are struggling with PTSD or just need to create some new head space so you have less stress. You are not alone in this! Loving yourself is challenging work and silence can be overwhelming sometimes. I get it. But with Sip and Om, you will be introduced to a more relaxing and less stingy way of experiencing meditation. And if you love tea, you are going to love this!

Check out the Tea and Me page to find out the health benefits of this week’s tea!


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