Hi ya’ll! I am Clarissa! I am an Apparel Design student at Seattle Central College in


Seattle, Washington,


my home for almost 3 years. I have been trying to write a great fashion and lifestyle blog for over 5 years and I haven’t always had the energy to do it or the inspiration. That was until I figured out that I am petite and clothes aren’t always made for a woman my size. You can read my first post about brands and petite clothing here!

As a young woman of 23, I found a need and a market that needed attention as much a plus sizes. Standard sizing isn’t a market for short women that come in all shapes. Petite doesn’t mean skinny. It means you are under the average height. And yes, you can be plus sized and petite. The majority of petite clothing is just shrunken garments and don’t necessarily fit a petite woman either.

This is why I created the Clarissa Joy blog. My goal is to inform women of brands that cater to petite women, how the fit is, and if you can find these types of garments for CHEAP that still fit YOU! In fact, my entire outfit that I wore to the Seattle Art Museum was less under $100! My next goal is to create Clarissa Joy, the brand, for and by a petite woman, while keeping it affordable as well as high quality.

I hope you find this blog to be helpful, funny, and all around needed for you, your life, and your fashion style.

Au revoir, mon nouvel ami!